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  • Vietnam debuts “Live fully in Vietnam” campaign

    Vietnam is launching a campaign name “Live fully in Vietnam” as it welcomes international tourists back into the country. For the first time since March 2020, travelers will be able to walk new paths and savor new tastes in Vietnam, to experience the country’s internationally-treasured culture and nature anew.


    live fully in Vietnam

    The timing of the campaign is auspicious, as the World Travel Awards (WTA) honored Vietnam as Asia’s Leading Destination 2021 just last month. The WTA also recognized Ha Long Bay, the UNESCO Heritage Site in Quang Ninh, as Asia’s Leading Tourist Attraction. Just a few weeks after claiming the award, travelers will be able to visit this natural wonder of the world, to embark on a new adventure towards ancient limestone karsts jutting like teeth from the green water.

    Quang Nam Province is home to Hoi An, another UNESCO Heritage site that routinely wins global travel awards for being the world’s “most romantic”, “most picturesque”, or “most charming” city, or “best cultural destination” overall. Famous for its skilled tailors and its pretty paper lanterns, Hoi An’s pedestrian-friendly Old Town is filled with French colonial buildings and local specialties like Cao Lau and Mi Quang served up hot from the ancient architecture of streetside shopfronts.

    Ha Long and Hoi An have been darling destinations for decades, but Phu Quoc is the rising star of Vietnam’s tourism industry. Dotted with world-class luxury resorts, Phu Quoc’s 150 kilometer coastline sprawls past a mountainous national park and tiny fishing villages whose artisans transform the catch of the day into specialty fish sauce.

    Nha Trang and Da Nang are two more prime beachside  highlights. While Phu Quoc is Vietnam’s capital of water sports in general, Nha Trang is the scuba diving center of the country. Nha Trang is a resort town teeming with nightlife, an upscale and urban coastal city with 19 tiny island neighbors. Da Nang is an alternative coastal city that feels hip, creative, and balanced. Bracketed by Son Tra in the north and Marble Mountain to the south, Da Nang attracts beach bums and musicians, conservationists and city slickers alike to watch the dragon bridge spit fire on weekend evenings in the center or take sunrise hikes to solitary beaches tumbling out into the open ocean from the jungle’s feet.

    Vietnam is opening all 5 destinations after extensive preparation and comprehensive implementation of Covid-19 safety protocols. Throughout the entire pandemic period, Vietnam consistently ranked among the lowest in the world for mortality rate and rate of infections in general. This success in responding to the pandemic is due in part to the country’s experience at responding to prior epidemics, as well as its well-developed public health system that was able to respond proactively with testing, tracing, and containment. Now, all five destinations have high vaccination rates, with as many as 90% of the population of Phu Quoc fully vaccinated.

    Fully vaccinated travelers from 72 countries are currently welcomed with a certificate of vaccination or recovery and a negative RT-PCR test within 72 hours of departure. Children under 12 do not require a vaccination certificate.

    Source: Vietnam Tourism Board | See more: Vietnam Hotels & Resorts Ha Long Bay Cruises

    Update day: 11/11/2021
    Update day: 11/11/2021

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