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  • Vietnam named among top 10 destinations for 2021

    According to the Traveller, the Vietnamese response to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has been incredibly successful, with only 328 confirmed cases and zero deaths recorded. This great track record of safety will mean that the country is a prime candidate for early access, and will likely be a very popular destination for Australian tourists.

    Vietnam can be viewed as the perfect location for tourists to get a South-East Asian fix. This is because the country enjoys many positive factors, such as incredible food, friendly people, and the buzz of major cities such as Saigon and Hanoi being in contrast to the chilled out vibes of the Mekong Delta. Moreover, guests can explore the nation by plane, train, or motorbike, and take in wonderful sights like the ancient city of Hoi An.


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    Australia is an ideal place to travel around for Australian tourists keen to fly domestically, as it is set to fully open to residents within the next few months.

    New Zealand, often dubbed “The Land of the Long White Cloud”, the island nation situated in the Pacific region has plenty to offer, from great outdoors adventures such as road-cycling, mountain-biking, hiking, and skiing. In addition, travelers can enjoy the many wineries dotted around the country, the great people, a wide range of accommodation options, and peace of mind in terms of medical care and safety. 

    Fiji, Vanuatu, and the Cook Islands. Moving deeper into the Pacific, the island nations around the region offer warm sun, clear oceans, fine beaches, and delicious cocktails. Whilst the Pacific islands have always been popular with Australian tourists, particularly families, the threat of any pandemic is extremely low in the area.

    Japan can be considered highly reliable in terms of medical facilities and its ability to cope with any fresh COVID-19 outbreaks. It’s also a very popular travel destination for Australians who enjoy discovering the many aspects of the Far East nation.

    Taiwan (China) is a part of the world guests probably haven’t explored before, and now could mark the ideal opportunity. Taiwan has a rich history and culture, as well as outdoor activities, and excellent food. There’s also peace of mind in terms of the island country’s ability to deal with the pandemic. 

    In Europe, Greece is emerging as an attractive Mediterranean hotspot, featuring plenty of islands, beaches, and a southern European culture. Whilst popular European destinations such as Spain and Italy have been hit hard by the COVID-19, Greece has only recorded 3000 cases to date. 

    Norway is a perfect place for travelers seeking to get away from it all, with the Scandinavian nation offering plenty of wide-open spaces amid stunningly beautiful natural attractions and a low COVID-19 risk.

    Thailand has plenty to offer, from cities to beaches, mountains to islands, hotels to resorts, and great food. It’s also very affordable for guests, and has excellent medical facilities in all of its cities.

    Israel is home to many beautiful, fascinating, and welcoming destinations that people really should take the time to enjoy.

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    Update day: 13/06/2020
    Update day: 13/06/2020

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