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    On 25 May Sun Group opened the first phase of a Japan-style hot-spring resort Yoko Onsen Quang Hanh in Cam Pha City, Quang Ninh Province, with the presence of Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc. Located just 10 kilometres from Ha Long and 15 kilometres from Cam Pha’s downtown area, this is the first Japan-standard onsen resort in Viet Nam so far.

    Sun Group selected prestige partners from Japan to implement the project, including Nippon Koei – the oldest independent consulting firm in Japan. Japan-style gardens inside the resort were directly designed and supervised by a famous Japanese garden artisan. The resort was run by a Japan expert with 17 years of experiences with the consultancies provided by Aquatec, a leading onsen resort operator in Japan.


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    Surrounded by the green of the moutains, Yoko Onsen looks like a small Japanese village, peaceful and quite. The wooden villas feature traditional Japanese architecture, Japanese gardens with rare pinecore bonsai brought the feeling of meditation. Entering this space was an escape from the hustle and bustle outside. The resort had 27 mineral bathtubs, equipped with the continuous filtration system to remove impurities that were harmful to the skin and ensure water quality even when many customers used at the same time, together with the sauna area and the food court.

    Research by French experts since the French colonial period showed that Quang Hanh hot spring was one of the most valuable sources of minerals. Quang Hanh mineral water samples were also sent to Tokyo, Japan for analysis and the finding showed that the spring was rich in healthy minerals, with the content of Ion Na+ and Cl-, boric acid and bromine (up to 40ml per litre).


    Yoko Onsen Quang Hanh


    Quang Hanh was one of the three mineral water springs with the highest concentration of bromine in the world which was effective in eliminating toxins, relieving pain, promoting blood circulation, enhancing immunity and supporting the treatment of skin diseases as well as reducing stress. The mineral water here also had neutral PH, suitable for people of all ages and those with sensitive skin.

    Dang Minh Truong, chairman of Sun Group, said that the resort was expected to contribute to the development of Quang Ninh’s tourism and make the province an attractive four-season tourism destination.

    In the second phase, the project would provide more in-depth health rehabilitation services with the building of a Japan-style rehabilitation hospital, which aimed to gradually make Quang Ninh a leading resort and healthcare destination in the region as well as in the world. — VNS

    Update day: 25/05/2020
    Update day: 25/05/2020

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